About Me

Hey it's me Casey!  I married the luckiest man alive, oooops I mean I'm the lucky one!  I had a baby and turned into a health crazed fool and am now trying to get back in shape.  I have recently become paleo, and can read about nutrition and food for days...  The Hubs and I recently bought a house, and I sometimes have some pretty solid plans for DIYing, and if you are lucky I'll show you some of my not so solid ones!  I think my kid is hilarious (ask her to say frog and try not to laugh!!) and I am "That Mom" who takes way to many pictures of her.  I've lived 99.9% of my life in southern California, and don't think I could ever move away again, I love fall, but don't do winter!  I love country music and you can catch me jammin out in my car on most days.  I have some great ideas that don't always turn out so great, too many opinions, and pretty hair!!

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